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Equity, Design, and Systems

The greatest and most effective way to address equity and transform any school or learning environment is to engage, enhance, and improve student learning through creativity and arts integration. With 20+ years in public education as an arts integration coordinator, school administrator, visual arts teacher, and classroom teacher  I have the perspective of seeing how education systems work and can benefit from collaboration and innovation. I have had the privilege of being a part of the designing, planning, and development of multiple arts integration/integrated learning school models throughout Central Texas over the last 6 years. Through this work I have developed a system of unique teaching and learning experiences for both teachers and students that is both impactful and sustainable and that can be replicated in any school or district setting. It is my passion to help all schools by maximizing collaboration, cultivating trust with stakeholders, providing high quality engaging professional development, that will ultimately lead to dynamic, sustainable school improvement.

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Creativity and Engagement

Over 10 years experience in public education, Certified EC-6, Special Education, and Fine Arts teacher, Jesse has been meeting the needs of diverse communities of learners. Currently Jesse serves as an Arts Integration Coordinator for Round Rock Independent School District. Jesse has spent his career using the arts and technology to reinforce core content standards and maximize student engagement and learning. His primary goal has always been to enhance and enrich the student and school experience for all. He is an innovative problem solver with success in systematic implementation of arts and technology integration. Jesse has presented at multiple state and national conferences on arts integration and developed his own unique engaging style of empowering others to maximize their teaching practice.

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Instructional Coaching and Curriculum

Jake Page has been in the education field for over 25 years.  She began her first ten years of teaching in Texas, where she taught in the general education setting, teaching all grade levels, including multi-age.  She served as the Gifted and Talented advocate and instructor, as well as team lead in Texas before moving to California. There, not only did she have the opportunity to work in upper grades, she earned her Master’s degree in Special Education. She taught for five more years in the resource and self-contained settings. Moving back to Texas in 2011, she was hired as a master teacher and is currently an instructional coach. Her work in multiple districts taught her how to navigate different systems while maintaining strong instructional practices.
Jake loves designing and presenting professional development, infusing all of the strategies she has learned throughout her teaching experience. She takes great pride in designing experiences that are relevant, enjoyable, and easily applicable to the participants in attendance. She has experience presenting at the campus, district, regional, state and national levels.
Jake has an innate curiosity that drives her. Her love and passion for curriculum and instruction shine through whether in a PLC or developing curriculum. She has a way of digging into standards to create intentional learning experiences. As an instructional coach, Jake loves empowering teachers with engaging strategies that meet their unique teaching styles. 
Jake Page is a true fan of teaching and learning. Known for her laughter and joy in the profession as much as anything else, Jake is a reflective, supportive, passionate educator. The cornerstones to all her work are authenticity and integrity. She loves growing as a learner through professional development, book studies, and conversations with colleagues.

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Educational Leadership

With ten years experience in public education, Charlotte Young has taught both primary and upper elementary students. Her time in the classroom was spent fostering a positive and nurturing environment where all students were safe to learn, free to take risks, encouraged to make and learn from their mistakes, and realize that growth and progress are the true measures of academic success. Always a champion of racial and educational equity, Charlotte never shied away from opportunities to engage her students and colleagues in topics related to race and gender. Charlotte has had the unique opportunity to be a part of an arts integration academy from its inception where she served as teacher and administrator, as well as parent. This broad perspective has allowed her a depth of understanding and insight as to the true impact and power harnessing the arts has on students, teaching, campus culture, and the greater community. She got to experience firsthand how the arts can transform teaching and learning, increase engagement and motivation, and create opportunities for learners to experience the arts in ways that might not otherwise be afforded them. Although she is a teacher at heart, in her current role as an administrator, she is striving to inspire and encourage teachers and staff to develop and grow into the best versions of themselves. In June 2020 after witnessing racial and civil unrest, she created a book club for people she knew who were expressing a willingness to learn, desire to build community, and a commitment to action.

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