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A Comprehensive Approach

We pride ourselves on building relationships and collaborating with our partners to develop a plan that is specifically designed and tailored to address their wants, needs, and desired outcomes. We start by learning about our client's needs and how to fully optimize the systems, strengths and talent already in place. It is our goal to make every effort to work within the timelines, challenges, and budgets that exist in education as we believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn through the arts, express themselves creatively, and develop a love of learning. The following is a run down of the services we are currently able to provide. Please check back here regularly as we are always trying to grow and diversify our practice.


This is typically our first step in working with any new partner. We review current pedagogical practices, curriculum, and systems to determine how to maximize potential for integrated learning systems. This step of our process can be done virtually or in person, but we do feel this is an essential piece in tailoring the most comprehensive and effective individualized plan of action.

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Much like the instructional coaching model, we have the capacity to provide ongoing support, advice and guidance to district or campus administrators based on our experiences in working with multiple district and campus administrators across the state on using the arts and arts integration to drive school improvement. This may also include but is not limited to support with developing or writing integrated curriculum, CIPs, professional development plans, T-TESS guidance, Grant and School Charter applications.



Applicable for campuses or departments seeking to engage the power of teacher collaboration. We will provide a framework and process to facilitate and foster collaborative planning practices and techniques to harness the power of the arts and maximize learning potential for both students and teachers.

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This is our newest endeavor based on years of practice and training using visual art as the primary access point to discuss the often challenging issue of equity. Through art we will address issues of race, culture, gender, and sexualtiy in the classroom. This is an educator only training as the topic is challenging. Upon completion teachers will have a host of tools and strategies that will allow them to use art to engage students with this challenging topic. The is most appropriate for upper elementary and beyond.



Based on our work and ongoing partnership with the University of Texas at Austin, we can help construct and support the creation of campus based, student-teacher-learning communities, or STLC's. This fully inclusive collaborative model can be utilized to drive campus improvement, develop student leadership, and/or launch a new campus initiative. This powerful shift in student teacher dynamics has immense potential and power to transform any campus.



Typically our integration implementation process includes the facilitation of easy to use, highly engaging strategies and techniques to maximize student engagement and learning. We dive into the why and what of arts integration to help lay the foundation and framework before moving into the how by providing highly engaging, effective, easy to use arts integration strategies that can be done in all classrooms and are proven to maximize student engagement and learning.  (Half day, full day, and multi-day options are all possible).

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