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Language, Image, Expression.

In his fantastic 2017 TED Talk, Titus Kaphar states “paintings are language.” I think we should go one step further and say that most,if not all images, or any act of creative expression for that matter, is in effect language. Couple this with reality and the fact that language is power, think Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem, and you have one of the fundamental reasons we created Integration Education.

This idea of language being present in multiple forms is no big epiphany or surprise to those early learning teachers, where imagery and play so often replace the written and even spoken language we most often use in our day to day communication. Still not sure? Just look at the vast library of options we find just by searching for that perfect emoji or gif response that allows us to be funny, yet subtle enough to be thought provoking and meaningful. It's a thing... we all do it.

As a parent of two young children, I have watched as they, like all of us have struggled with comprehending and processing the reality of this moment in time. As my son’s art has evolved from happy, smiling people to pirates and skeletons which most recently has morphed to zombies and monsters at first was curious, but in reflection seems to be more aligned with the thoughts and language filling his mind. This reality, his reality is present in his drawings, his play, and his long rambling stories he loves to tell before he goes to bed.

As humans we all have a story to tell, a truth that must be shared with the world. This week be sure you are looking for those examples of language be it written, spoken, drawn, or sung.


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